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Press tour to Japan March 2023

FPCI - decommissioning of Daiichi (On-line, March 3rd). In Japan: Sapporo Press Tour (March 16th-17th). Visits and interviews in Tokyo, Fukushima area, Nagoya area, Nagasaki, Naha (March 13th-15th, 18th-26th). Organizing help by FPCI, Y. Koide & K. Hattori. Financial part-support by Sasakawa Fnd.

New utopian article

Peltoniemi, Teuvo: Towards a Better World - Nordic and Finnish Utopian Communities. Pp. 93-100 in: Pro, Juan & Di Minicoa, Elisabetta (eds.): Comunidades intencionales - utopías concretas en la historia. UAM Ediciones, Madrid 2022.

Fukushima Press tour to Daiichi & evacuated areas

Mr Peltoniemi was in Tokyo during the Great Japan Earthquake in 2011, reporting to Finland and following the topic ever since. On 11-13 June, 2015 he revisited Japan within an international press tour and wrote several articles from the situation inside the nuclear plant and on evacuated areas.