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Efic Pain Congress

– layout: post title: Participated at the EFIC congress in Valecia and wrote two articles about pain and cannabis categories: [Events] (in Finnish) “Hyvä, paha ja väheksytty kipu” & “Onko kannabiksesta lääkkeeksi?”. Tiedetoimittaja 2/2020. –

Lake Worth Fl

– layout: post title: Presentation about American Finnish Utopian communities. categories: [Events] “Finnish Utopian settlements in USA & Canada. Finnish Church in Lake Worth. Feb 5, 2020. –

Usa Study Tour

– layout: post title: Data collection tour at Yale and old utopian communes in Southern USA. Study tour: Yale university archives, & old US Utopian communitie in Midwest and Southern USA, on Jan 20 to Feb 7, 2020. –

Fukushima Fuengitola Spain

– layout: post title: Presentation about Fukushima catastrophe and the future of nuclear power
categories: [Events] “The Fukushima catastrophe, evacuations, and the future of nuclear power” Kaleva Association, Fuengirola, Spain, Dec 11, 2019. –