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New Towards a Better World Exhibit

The new “Towards A Better World” Exhibit is in progress. It will replace the 1985 exhibit that was on display in 40 cities in nine countries during 1984–2004. The new exhibit will include also Scandinavian Utopian communities in addition to the Finnish Utopian Communities. The new exhibit will be available both as Roll-Ups and On-Line versions. The first Roll-Up part giving background and a short overview will be displayed at the Cluj-Napoca Utopian conference in Romania on 3-7 July.

New utopian article

Peltoniemi, Teuvo: Towards a Better World - Nordic and Finnish Utopian Communities. Pp. 93-100 in: Pro, Juan & Di Minicoa, Elisabetta (eds.): Comunidades intencionales - utopías concretas en la historia. UAM Ediciones, Madrid 2022.

Fukushima Press tour to Daiichi & evacuated areas

Mr Peltoniemi was in Tokyo during the Great Japan Earthquake in 2011, reporting to Finland and following the topic ever since. On 11-13 June, 2015 he revisited Japan within an international press tour and wrote several articles from the situation inside the nuclear plant and on evacuated areas.